What Are Woodland Burials

A Woodland or Natural burial is an alternative to the traditional church burial of the deceased whereby the deceased returns to earth in the most sustainable manner possible. The ethos behind a woodland burial is to reduce the environmental impact of interment of the deceased. At Beer Cross we encourage the freedom to choose how the funeral is undertaken, in a rural setting close to Dartmoor.

At Beer Cross the bereaved have a peaceful site to visit in perpetuity. The burial site is maintained to actively encourage wildlife within a woodland habitat. With the owner’s experience of woodland management, the future of the site is both sustainable and unique to the local area.

Having a burial within a woodland setting can offer many environmental savings and can take whatever form the deceased wishes. Coffins made from sustainable products are encouraged and our “Useful Links” section gives further details of the various types of coffins that we permit, provided by local craftsmen.

At Beer Cross, the site is planted out with young native hardwood trees and in years to come, a mature six acre woodland will develop. Being buried in a woodland will allow family members return time and time again when visiting the deceased whilst enjoying the changing seasons and the maturing of surrounding trees. Beer Cross is a tranquil site that is integral part of the British countryside.


Did you know?

  • Part of the ground that the burial site is on has already been planted out with Cherry, Field Maple, Ash, Oak, Walnut and Hazel
  • The long term management plan is to actively coppice the trees planted. This allows renewal of the memorials and trees for years to come. Eventually the ground will become mature woodland
  • You can visit the site whenever you wish
  • Increasingly, traditional cemeteries are being subjected to development, and/or reused by other families. This will never happen at Beer Cross. All that will happen is that the site returns to nature and the deceased becomes part of the land
  • Beer Cross Woodland Burial site is the closest woodland burial site to Dartmoor
  • We can assist with the choice of coffin and assist if you want to do the funeral yourself. This is an increasingly popular choice for families.
  • There have been 58 burials to date.
Willow Coffin 3
Willow Coffin 2