Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions and Important Information – January 2018

Code of Conduct

We are a member of the Association of Natural Burials Grounds (ANBG) and, as such, adhere to their Code of Conduct.  Full details of the ANBG Code of Conduct is available from Beer Cross Woodland Burials or direct from the ANBG.

Beer Cross Woodland Burials

Site address: Beer Cross, Sampford Courtney, Okehampton, Devon

Please note that the site is unmanned. Please make contact with the Site Operator using the correspondence address.

Correspondence address: Amaury Cottage Chulmleigh Road, Morchard Bishop, Devon. EX17 6NZ

Telephone: 01363 877807

Email: info@beercrosswoodlandburials.co.uk



Association of Natural Burial Grounds (ANBG)

The Natural Death Centre, In The Hill House, Watley Lane, Twyford, Winchester, SO21 1QX

Email: contact@naturaldeath.org.uk

Telephone: 01962 712690

Website: www.naturaldeath.org.uk

Site owner and Site Operator

The land which comprises Beer Cross Woodland Burials is owned freehold by Janet Voaden on trust for the Site Operator Christopher Voaden.

Type of plots available

The site is available for full interments, interment of ashes or scattering of ashes.  Single, double (side by side)  or family plots are available.  Plots may be purchased in advance. If a plot is purchased in advance, we would suggest that all paperwork that Beer Cross Woodland Burials provide, including a copy of this document, is appended to your Will to provide details to your family. If a burial plot is pre-purchased, we are legally obliged to provide a burial plot. Plots are also released in a controlled order.

Grave digging

The plots will be dug by our own grave digger by hand. The family can dig the grave themselves if required but they must hold appropriate insurance for such an activity.  The costs of grave digging will be a separate charge made to the grave digger. This is normally requested before or at the time of burial. If an undertaker is used, they will make the payment on your behalf.


Bodies which have been embalmed are not accepted on the site.


Memorials are allowed with the express permission of Beer Cross are allowed. Any manmade materials will be removed from the grave 14 days after the burial. Family are allowed to place flowers on the grave provided there are no associated manmade materials (such as plastic wrapping). Native bulbs and flowers are also allowed. Only UK sourced bulbs and flowers are accepted.

No trees can be planted by families.

On site facilities

Car parking is available by way of hardstanding at the site entrance and the ground around the workshop / barn area.  A timber structure is provided approximately 75m from the car parking area, where visitors may take shelter.  Seating is provided within the shelter on the day of the funeral.  At all other times, seating is available on site by way of tree stumps within the shelter, a bench and picnic table to the side of the shelter. An oak bench can be placed grave side during a burial.  No toilets are available.  Light refreshments can be provided for an additional fee.

Funeral services

All forms of funeral service are allowed. If there are any special requirements for a service or burial, the site operator needs to be made aware of the plans for the service before the burial.

Coffins/shrouds permitted

We do not require that a coffin or casket be used – burials will be accepted in a shroud or an alternative biodegradable container or wrapping. Where a coffin is chosen, that coffin must be constructed and sourced using environmentally friendly and natural materials.  Full details of the coffin/casket or shroud to be used shall be provided to the Site Operator for agreement by way of Notice of Interment prior to the burial taking place.   Further information and guidance is available from the Site Operator or the ANBG.

Site maintenance and management

In 2009 the Site Operator planted over 3000 native hardwood trees which in time will become a 6-acre wood. Management of the trees, including coppicing and pruning will be undertaken as and when necessary.  When significant tree maintenance is undertaken, it will not be possible to access the site.  Due notice will be given by way of notice affixed to the site entrance.

The Site Operator will regularly plant wild flowers around the site to attract wildlife. In respect to the remainder of the site, the only grass cutting that will take place will be limited to pathways around the site as and when required, but no more.

There are no known archaeological remains on site.

Your freedom to choose

We welcome people from any background, with or without religion. The site is not consecrated.

Beer Cross Woodland Burials does not require that a funeral director be used.

Should you wish to organise a funeral yourself, without the assistance of a funeral director, you can obtain full guidance from us, or by contacting the ANBG.


A full list of our prices is available on request by telephone or in printed format.  Full details are also available on our website.


As Members of the ANBG we are required to provide each client with the ANBG feedback form for return direct to the Natural Death Centre.  In addition, you are welcome to make further comments directly to the Association of Natural Burial Grounds either online, by phone or by post.

Complaints handling

If a complaint is made, it should first be made to the Site Operator. If this fails to address your complaint, then please refer your concerns to the ANBG.


20% of all plot fees are put into a trust fund for future management of the site.


  1. Prior to a burial taking place, the Site Operator must be in possession of the Authority for Burial which will then be sent to the Registrar within 96 hours of burial.
  2. The minimum grave depth that will be used is two feet from the top of the coffin / shroud to the natural soil level.
  3. One burial per plot will be allowed. Graves will not be double dug to allow graves on top of each other.
  4. The deceased family is allowed to visit the site at any time after a burial.
  5. If we are asked to re-bury remains, we will ask to see the Exhumation licence.
  6. Reasonable adjustments have been made to allow disabled persons to use the site
  7. If we hold details about living identifiable persons, we will hold these details in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 – General Privacy Notice – Beer Cross Woodland Burials – General Privacy Notice