Terms & Conditions

Families that wish for a burial to take place at Beer Cross must have in mind the following:

  • We cannot allow a burial to take place if the deceased has undergone the traditional process of embalming. Make sure that you stipulate this when making arrangements with your undertaker.
  • Coffins / shrouds and memorials must be completely biodegradable. We can source and advise on manufacturers of natural coffins / shrouds.
  • Ownership of the site does not pass to relatives of the deceased after burial but they are welcome to return to visit the burial site whenever they desire.
  • The owner is responsible for planting and maintaining the trees and the site. In future years, trees will grow and require maintenance. We will undertake work such as coppicing and pollarding of trees as required.
  • If an undertaker is used, payment will be made through them. If you are undertaking the burial yourself, payment is requested upon booking. If you wish to pre-book, a £500 deposit is required to reserve to plot. The remainder is due no later than the day of the burial.
  • The site is under a trust as recommended by the Association of Natural Burial Grounds and therefore a secure period of tenure is guaranteed.
  • Prior to each burial, the site owner must be given a copy of the authority to dispose of body (green form). It is illegal for a burial to take place without this.
  • Vehicle access is limited to the car park only.
  • The owner will only permit exhumation in exceptional circumstances, and only with their consent.
  • We have a large shelter for a wake but do not hold an alcohol licence.