Sign at BCWTowards the Shelterbeer-cross-woodland-burial-site-green-roof-shelterIn between the trees.Grave digging.Sunset.Spooky?Before a burial.Finishing off.Willow Coffin 2Up to Shelter.Only a small walk.BeerCrossWoodlandBurials-page-001graveWillow Coffin 3Cosdon Hill and TreesShelter and grave plotTiny Trees!Open Day.Inside the shelter.Grass everywhere.2nd Year.Young trees at Beer CrossDirect West.Cosdon behind.The First Sign.Hand dug graves.Early Summer arrives.Sweet!Direction Sign.Cosdon behold!A friend at the ground when it first startedBeer Cross, only 20m to go!!Sedum Roof ShelterGrave DigingThe apprentice!Snow on DartmoorIMG_0162IMG_0055Cherry April 2018