How do I arrange a Funeral at Beer Cross?
You can arrange a funeral by either using your own undertaker who will make all of the necessary arrangements with us or you can arrange it yourself. We can assist you if you want to arrange it yourself. Look in our links sections which provides many guides on arranging your own funeral. If you wish to take out a funeral plan with an undertaker to include Beer Cross Woodland Burials, the undertaker is asked to make contact with us before a plot can be reserved.
Can I pre-book a plot?
Yes. Within our download section of the website, we provide you with a pre booking form to complete and send. We would request that the burial fee of £500 is paid to reserve a space. The Internment fee is paid at the time of burial.

Can I book plots for my whole family?
Yes. One plot will only hold one burial so we would ask that you reserve as many sites as you require for a family. Please remember the plots are situated within a young woodland and trees may become established over time on your chosen plot. In this instance, we would not be able to disturb established roots. Prior consultation will take place with you should this situation occur.
I am not sure what type of coffin I want.
As beer cross is a natural burial, we would ask that you consider a coffin made from soft wood, woven from willow or a felt shroud. Within our links section, we direct you to various manufacturers of coffins. To be truly green, enquire with the manufacturer where the materials for the coffin are sourced from. Choose a local English material! We can of course purchase the coffin for you if you require.
How will my family know where a grave is when it has been used?
The site has been professionally surveyed. You will be given a map showing the grave location for your records. If after some time you are unsure where the grave is situated, we hold a central record of burials that can be viewed at any time by a relevant person.
How will the site be maintained?
Paths around the site will be mown as and when needed. Frequent inspection of the trees will take place to prevent any disease throughout the site. Management of the woodland will be carried out in the future with coppicing and pruning.
How are the graves dug and prepared?
All graves are dug by hand. On the day of the funeral / burial, the grave will be dressed to allow safe access to the family of the deceased. Seating can be provided at the grave side.
Can we have music at the site?
We do not have an electricity supply at the grave side for recorded music but you are welcome to provide your own music should you wish on a portable device or even with live music. As long as it does not disturb our neighbours then we are happy with whatever you require.
Is there anywhere that I can hold a gathering before / after the burial?
Yes, we have an open shelter constructed of timber on site. This will accommodate approximately 30 people when sitting. You are welcome to decorate the shelter yourself. We also provide details of a number of local public houses within our ‘Links’ section.
Is the burial plot for local people only?
The burial site is open to anyone.
Do you have disabled access?
This is a natural burial site with no hard standing paths, hand rails or mobility aids provided. The site is uneven in places and those with wheelchairs and mobility aids may find it a little difficult to move freely around the burial locations. We can accommodate any special seating requirements and assist with transport from the car park to the shelter if required. Please discuss any special requirements that you have when considering a booking or attending a burial.